Open Workshop on Audiovisual Metadata Schemes and Content Selection Policies

This two-day workshop being held in Greece on June 23 and 24 will present several state of the art applications in multimedia retrieval and reuse which will be of particular interest to the educational sector.

This workshop is being held in Mykonos town, Greece and is organised by the EUscreen project, it will focus on the presentation and analysis of metadata schemes and content selection policies within major European projects in general and EUscreen in particular. The first day’s programme will be devoted to developments within the EUscreen project. This includes the presentation of the project’s content selection strategy, a demonstration of the EUscreen back-end, and a preview of the EUscreen portal, to be launched in January 2011.   

The second day provides an overview of experiences and state of the art European projects in the audiovisual domain. This includes presentations by projects and organisations such as the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the European Film Gateway (EFG), Europeana and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). More information about the workshop, along with the full programme, can be found on the project website.  Attendance is free, but online registration is required.