Module 3: Contents of a film shoot


For the recordings to run as smoothly as possible, good preparation is essential

  1. Scenario (storyboard) and planning
  2. Location visit
  3. Casting actors and locating accessories
  4. Creating the script
  5. Practising and rehearsing

4. Creating the script

The script includes all possible information that you need to start your recording properly prepared. It contains the sequence of the recording, information on the scenes, information about the locations, the equipment needed and all other practical information. First number all the scenes and shots from your scenario and then move them all around to establish a logical sequence for the recordings. For example if on day 1, 4 and 10 of your movie, the actors meet in the park, you will record all these scenes together and not according to the chronology of your movie; that way you do not unnecessarily move all your equipment.

Use this form to set up your planning.