Module 3: Contents of a film shoot


For the recordings to run as smoothly as possible, good preparation is essential:

  1. Scenario (storyboard) and planning
  2. Location visit
  3. Casting actors and locating accessories
  4. Creating the script
  5. Practising and rehearsing

Interesting links:

1. Scenario

Why is it important to have a good scenario?

  • Provides control during the recording
  • Provides content
  • Ensures the continuity
  • Provides cost estimates

How do you create a scenario ?

You probably already have a structure in mind of the movie you want to create, but since it is rather vague, it is better to take pen and paper and further develop it. Make a rough sketch for each scene you have in mind and write beside it what exactly happens in the scene. The first version will still be vague, but gradually you will add more and more, creating a detailed whole. Use this form to develop your scenario