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What is editing?

Editing is the process where you select the appropriate video material and images, organise them all in the structure and sequence that you want and then paste them all together so that it eventually becomes a final product.

How do you capture ?

After you've captured all of your footage, you can edit this footage with an editing program. All individual shots can then be placed in the correct order, unnecessary shots can be omitted, shots that are too long can be shortened, etc.

Demonstration of an editing program

The basic principle of editing is easy. The shots that were captured, must now be placed in the correct order; to do this you obviously need your original scenario again. Editing programs provide two possibilities to paste shots after each other.

Watch the following short demonstration to see the difference (.swf of 10 MB ) or download the Windows Media Player file (2 MB)

Also note ...

... editing is of course more than putting all the shots in order and cutting out the unnecessary shots. Depending on what kind of movie you want to make, you will have to add sound, subtitles and credits, and the images must transition into another in a certain way. Some editing programs have a wide range of possibilities, but Windows Movie Maker offers the basic features and is ideal for amateur directors who do not need many extra options.